Pandan Chiffon Cake by Enne Ty


4 egg yolks
15g sugar
45g oil
25g coconut paste made with 15g coconut cream powder and water
20g thick pandan juice
35g milk
95g SRF
1/4 tsp salt

4 egg whites
60g sugar
1/4 tsp cream of tartar


Whisk yolks and 15g sugar till fluffy. Add oil, coconut paste, pandan juice and milk. Sift in flour, mix and set aside.

Whisk egg whites till foamy, add tartar and sugar gradually. Whisk till stiff peaks. Fold into yolk mixture 1/3 at a time. Pour into 7" tube pan and bake at 160deg for an hour. Bang pan few times to release air and invert to cool completely before unfolding.