Banana Chiffon by Esther Tho

Recipe for 21cm chiffon tin


4 egg yolks
20g castor sugar
45g veg oil
320g riped bananas without skin (about 3)
60g cake flour + ½ tsp baking powder + 1/8 salt
40g milk (I used banana milk)

5 egg whites
50g castor sugar
½ tsp cream of tartar


1. Blend bananas & milk together till like smoothies.
2. Beat yolks till pale yellow with sugar.
3. Add in oil and the banana smoothies into the yolk and beat for a min.
4. Follow by adding in sifted flour and mix well, set aside.
5. Whisk egg whites till foamy, add in Cream of tar tar and whisk for a min. Follow by 2 part sugar whisk till stiff peak.
5. Add in 1/3 meringue into the yolk dough and fold well.
5. Pour this mixture by 2 part to the meringue and fold well till the mixture is totally well mix.
6. Pour into a 21cm chiffon mould, bake at 170deg for the 1st 15min, then switch to 150deg for 50mins. (you may need to bake longer, as the batter maybe still wet)
7. Invert the cake to cool while is hot, unmould it when completely cooled.