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Hae Bee Hiam by Rachel Lim

Dried shrimps 400gm (soaked and drained then grind)
Assam paste 1 tbsp (add some water n knead the pulps and seeds out to remove)
Sugar 50-60gm

Dried chilli 15-20 (soak and drain)
Chilli padi 10 (trim off the stem)
Shallots 10 (peeled)
Garlic 5 (peeled)
Turmeric 2 inch (peels and smashed)
Candlenut 10 (I crush them before using)
Belachan 1 inch (toasted)
Lemongrass 5 (use only the white part)
Galangal 0.5 inch (optional, I use coz I have this last bit sitting around)
Kaffir leaves 4-5 pcs (remove stem)

Blend up all the rempah into paste.

Tumis the paste in about 400ml of oil. (About low fire, leave it to cook, stir occasionally to prevent sticking)

When the rempah turns deep red and the oil separate from the spice, put in the assam paste. Stir well, add in the hae bee. Mix them up and stir occasionally to prevent sticking. Make sure to scrap the bottom n sides too.

U will see steam coming out, those are the water from the soaking of hae bee. I like to evaporate the water as …

Home made 红糟酒 by Lynn Jolynn

Use 1 kg of uncooked glutinous rice (糯米), add water (use lesser water than usual) and cook the rice in a rice cooker. When the rice is cooked and leave it aside until the rice cools down to room temperature.

Red rice yeast 300g and wine yeast 3 pcs. You can get them from Chinese medical hall.

Pound the wine yeast into powder form. In a deep glass jar, fill in a layer of rice, followed by a layer of wine yeast and red rice yeast. Continue to fill in with alternate layers of rice and yeast until done.

After 21 days you may harvest it. Filter the away the wine lees. Keep and store the wine.

Collagen by Linda Hsu


1 pack of big pork bones
1 pack of chicken bones
1 pack of chicken feet


Clip off chicken feet nails
Remove excess skin from chicken

To a pot add water to boil
Put all in to rolling boil for about 2 mins
Remove scum
Pour away water
Rinse ingredients if needed
Put all back to pot with new water that's 1 inch above the top of bones
Boil on high heat till there's rolling boil for about 2 mins
Remove scum along the way
Lower heat to simmer for 6-8 hours
Pour liquid to different pots for faster cooling down
Store in fridge overnight
Next day you'll get jello-collagen goodness!!
Leave some in fridge for the next few days' consumption and freeze the rest

I didn't add salt or vegetables as I use this a base for cooking everything. The jello turns to liquid upon heating up. Add a frozen cube or two of collagen to the cooking instead of water. I usually finish the whole batch within 2 months.

Lime & prune preserves by Jensie Tan

2kg lime (green small)
700g Rock sugar
250g Brown sugar
10 pieces of licorice root ( 甘草片)
200g prune (酸梅)

1)Soak the lime in the pot water with corn flour for 5 min take out n let it dry
2) cut the lime into half but no need broken
3) layer the lime , Rock sugar , root n prune
4) repeat finished all the thing
5) the last (top)pour all the brown sugar n cover with cloth
6) keep in a dry place for 30day
7) after 30 day u can choose to cool or warm to drink 2 scoop n one lime n one prune.

Homemade chicken powder by Racheal Liao

Recipe adapted from:

Ingredients 400 g Chicken breast, cut & cubes (I removed all the fats under the skin but put in some skin for more flavor).
1 large yellow Onion
1 pcs of Leek, White part only
15 to 20 pcs of Garlic
1 pcs of carrot
1 to 2 stalk of celery (as I reduce to salt to half the amount required by the original recipe. I added carrot and celery to up the sodium content and add flavor to it)
10 pieces Biji Ketumbar (coriander seeds)
1 tablespoon fresh Pasley
60 g Sea Salt
35 g of fresh grapes or apple juice and 20 g of rice vinegar. (this is to replace the cooking wine.)

I blend them all first then stir-fry in the frying pan for 30 minutes before putting them in oven to dry. I bake them at 180 degree for 4 hours. Then blend them again to powder form.

Roselle pickles by Jensie Tan

Ingredients 20 pcs of fresh roselle  2 tbsp of honey  1 tbsp of lemon  1 tbsp of sugar 
Method Boil the roselle with water to soften  Set the water aside  Remove roselle seed  Cut the roselle in long strip  Mix all ingredients into a dry container n stir well  Add some boiled roselle water - not too much ….  Enough to cover ingredients  Keep in room temperature for 2 days b4 use 
PS: Can use pickles as salad dressing or mix it in water with lemon juice.

Hae bee hiam by Janet Liew

250g hae bee (wash, soak & pound)
10 red chillies
10 dried chillies (soak in hot water)
5-6 small onion (slice for onion oil)
5-6 garlic
Half big onion
1tsp belachan (I use belachan powder)
Add Chillies padi if u want it hot (optional)
Salt & 2 tsp sugar to taste

1) blend chillies, big onion, garlic, put aside
2) fried small onion in 3 tbsp oil
3) remove fried onion, leaving oil to fry rempah
4) fry rempah over small fire til oil seep out & add belachan & pounded hae bee
5) fried til fragrant & ready to serve

Wine enzyme by Jensie Tan

3 Dragon fruit big
10 yellow lemon
Two n half packet of rock sugar I use honey
Rock sugar
1 pineapple middle

Wash the lime with corn flour and rise with water and dry it.
Cut pineapple half, lime and dragon fruits.

Layer rock sugar, line dragon fruits, pineapple, rock sugar, lime, continue until on top the last must put rock sugar and cover it.
Don't open but every two day must turn the bottle n let it for 30 days … Pour out and drink with ice or keep it in chiller.

Important: Everything and hand must be dry.

Can use two colour apple with lime too.

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Home-made yoghurt by Siew Lin Ho

I followed this recipe with some modification:

1) added 5 scoops (the small ones) of milk powder at step 1 as I'm preparing for the kids. It makes the yoghurt creamier. Use Anlene or other high calcium milk powder if u are preparing this for adults.
2) Stir a few times in step 2 while the milk is cooling down, to prevent a layer of 'skin' being formed.
3) Remember to leave a tablespoon of the yoghurt u have made to prepare the next batch of yoghurt.
4) Serve yoghurt with fruits or raisins as they are naturally sweet, so there's no need to add sugar.

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Pickled Ginger by Rina Mok

Black garlic by Rina Mok

Put whole garlic. Lay nicely in the rice cooker. Then on power. Make sure is on " keep warm mode" .that all. Leave it to fement for 1 week.don't open the rice cooker. After 1 week this is the results. Don't off the rice cooker power ok.
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Garam Masala Powder by Savitha Mahendrakar

Anchovies powder by Joann Lim

1) Preheat oven to 180 degree Celsius
2) Rinse the anchovies... I did abt 5 times.... (Try to get rid of e salt content)
3) lay it out on a tray... Pat dry with kitchen towel...
4) lay a baking sheet on ur baking tray...transfer all e anchovies onto the baking sheet (make sure that the anchovies are thinly spread across the tray..)
5) bake for 15-20 mins under 180 degree Celsius
6) use a fork... Flip n stir
7) bake for another 15 mins or until the anchovies turn slightly brown
8) remove from oven.. Let it cool down...
9) using a blender... Blend until it's fine...
10) place them in air tight container and use them as soup base when making porridge

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Pickled Ginger by Chai Mei Hong

自制椒盐 Pepper Salt by Veronica Chia

- 15gm sichuan pepper
- 10gm coarse salt

Method : In a dry pan, pan fry both ingredients separately on low heat for 5 mins until fragrant. Discard seeds from sichuan pepper. Grind both ingredient till fine. Store in air-tight container.
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Garlic Powder by Linda Lynn

How to make:

Peel and thinly slice 8-10 cloves of fresh garlic
Lay them out on a parchment lined baking sheet and bake for 40mins or until the garlic is dehydrated. The key is making sure the cloves are crumbly dry. Let cool.
Grind in a spice grinder, crush with a mortar and pestle or mash with the back of a spoon.

Fried Shallots by Shen Cui Ling