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Hae Bee Hiam by Rachel Lim

Home made 红糟酒 by Lynn Jolynn

Collagen by Linda Hsu

Lime & prune preserves by Jensie Tan

Homemade chicken powder by Racheal Liao

Roselle pickles by Jensie Tan

Hae bee hiam by Janet Liew

Wine enzyme by Jensie Tan

Home-made yoghurt by Siew Lin Ho

Pickled Ginger by Rina Mok

Black garlic by Rina Mok

Garam Masala Powder by Savitha Mahendrakar

Anchovies powder by Joann Lim

Pickled Ginger by Chai Mei Hong

自制椒盐 Pepper Salt by Veronica Chia

Garlic Powder by Linda Lynn

Fried Shallots by Shen Cui Ling