Homemade chicken powder by Racheal Liao

400 g Chicken breast, cut & cubes (I removed all the fats under the skin but put in some skin for more flavor).
1 large yellow Onion
1 pcs of Leek, White part only
15 to 20 pcs of Garlic
1 pcs of carrot
1 to 2 stalk of celery (as I reduce to salt to half the amount required by the original recipe. I added carrot and celery to up the sodium content and add flavor to it)
10 pieces Biji Ketumbar (coriander seeds)
1 tablespoon fresh Pasley
60 g Sea Salt
35 g of fresh grapes or apple juice and 20 g of rice vinegar. (this is to replace the cooking wine.)

I blend them all first then stir-fry in the frying pan for 30 minutes before putting them in oven to dry. I bake them at 180 degree for 4 hours. Then blend them again to powder form.