Collagen by Linda Hsu


1 pack of big pork bones
1 pack of chicken bones
1 pack of chicken feet


Clip off chicken feet nails
Remove excess skin from chicken

To a pot add water to boil
Put all in to rolling boil for about 2 mins
Remove scum
Pour away water
Rinse ingredients if needed
Put all back to pot with new water that's 1 inch above the top of bones
Boil on high heat till there's rolling boil for about 2 mins
Remove scum along the way
Lower heat to simmer for 6-8 hours
Pour liquid to different pots for faster cooling down
Store in fridge overnight
Next day you'll get jello-collagen goodness!!
Leave some in fridge for the next few days' consumption and freeze the rest

I didn't add salt or vegetables as I use this a base for cooking everything. The jello turns to liquid upon heating up. Add a frozen cube or two of collagen to the cooking instead of water. I usually finish the whole batch within 2 months.