Traditional Hokkien Popiah 传统福建薄饼 by Lily Tan

Ingredients for Cooked Fillings(Quantity requirement is flexible, but as a guide, all 5 vegetables should be of about same amount after shredding. Turnip is recommended to have more due to its natural sweetness.)
- Turnip {Bang Kuang} - shredded
- Cabbage - shredded
- Carrot - shredded
- Green Beans - shredded
- Chinese Leek - shredded
- Tau Kwa {Firm Beancurd} - shredded
- Pork Belly - shredded
- Flat Fish - shredded
- Pork Fats (optional but recommended to enhance better flavour and aroma) - cubed
- Oil, Salt, Sugar

Other Ingredients- Popiah Skin
- Bean Sprouts - blanched and drained
- Chinese Sausage {Lup Cheong} - steamed or pan fried, shredded
- Hard-Boiled Egg or Egg Omelette- shredded
- Prawns - cooked, peeled, sliced
- Crab Meat - shredded
- Cucumber - shredded
- Lettuce
- Chinese Parsley

Sauces & Condiments- Sweet Black Sauce
- Chilli (add Chilli Padi if preferred) - blended
- Garlic - blended
- Peanuts - roasted, ground

1. Fry flat fish till golden brown and fragrant. Remove and set aside.

2. Fry tau kwa with some salt till golden brown, remove and drain. Set aside.

3. Fry the cubed pork fats till golden brown and crispy {all the fats should be "forced out"}. Remove and keep the lard oil for frying vegetables later.

4. Fry pork belly with some salt and sugar till cooked, remove and set aside.

5. * Fry the 5 vegetables in a big wok, heat up with lard oil, add the vegetables and mix well. Season with salt and sugar, stir constantly till all cooked. {Not necessary to add water as the vegetables will produce its own water.}

6. * Then add pork belly, tau kwa and flat fish, mix well and add seasoning. Cover with wok lid and simmer for about 45 mins (or longer depending on quantity) or till the vegetables turn tender and well-flavored.
{* If cooking a large quantity or using a small wok, fry the vegetables in batches with little bit of everything following Steps 5 & 6; remove and fry the second batch, and so on. Then finally combine all for simmering, which by now, all ingredients are evenly mixed and cooked.)

7. Prepare all other ingredients, sauces and condiments in small individual bowls. When cooked fillings is ready, serve it in a big bowl. All ready to wrap and roll! Enjoy!