Ice-cream cake by Lynda Low

This is very easy but once out of fridge u have to eat it quite fast. But the waffle biscuits should be able to hold the melting ice cream in.

Things you need:

Prepare a spring form pan ( those that has a detachable sides).


Digestive biscuits

A tub of your favourite ice cream

For toppings: m&m
For sides: waffle biscuits or kit kats
To secure sides: get the ribbon in your favourite colour

Melt butter and pour smashed digestive biscuits and mix well.

Press down the digestive biscuit mixture into the spring form pan. This is the base portion of this ice cream cake.
Let it firm in the freezer for 20mins.

Let the tub of ice cream sit outside in room temperature til softer. Pour it into the spring form pan and smooth out the top. Sprinkle your toppings (m&m) then put the "cake" back into freezer. Let it firm up ( best to do it overnight) before taking it out, remove the side of the spring form pan and line the sides with waffle biscuits or kitkats and tie the ribbon to secure it.

Put it back into the freezer til ready to serve.


**You can add nuts or chocolate chips into the ice cream and give it a good stir before pouring it into the spring form pan. U can also add whipped cream if u want. You can bake a thin layer of cake to put inbetween two layers of ice cream too. Endless possibilities. Have fun!

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