Borsch soup by Janet Liew‎

For small family of 4 person, please half this recipe.


1 kg tomatoes (dice)
1/2 cabbage (cut into junk)
2 carrots (dice)
2 sticks celery (dice)
2 corn (remove core)
2 potatoes (dice)
2 big onion (dice)
2 bay leaves
1 ltr water
1 can Campbell tomato soup
Salt & pepper to taste

Beef bones or beef chunk (PS: I use beef shin)


1) brown beef in olive oil (I din use any oil)
2) add onion, follow by tomatoes.
3) add balance ingredients, except tomato soup, salt & pepper
4) stew for at least 2 hrs
5) I stew soup overnight to give it a rich & thick creamy soup
6) add Campbell tomato soup & season to taste, bring it to a boil. (PS: I din add any seasoning cos soup has its original vegetables sweetness)
7) top w/ a tbsp sour cream just before serving.