Korean meat pancake by Nette Oh‎

600g mince pork
One Yellow onion medium size - diced into sml size
2 cloves garlics - diced
Grated Ginger + juice
Half carrot - julienne n dice into tiny size
Half small cabbage - dice into sml size
A handful of parleys and spring onion - diced
2 eggs

Soya sauce 4 tbls
Oysters sauce 1 1/2 tbls
Sugar 1 1/2
Pepper 1/2 tps
Seseme oil 2 tbls
Hua tiao jiu 1 tbls

1 cup all purpose flour - sieved
1/5 potato starch - sieved
Add a pinch of salt to the flour.
(Note: if u making bigger batches .. the ratio for flour 5:1 .. e.g 5 cups multi purpose flour 1 cup potato starch)

1. Combine ingredients + marinate first. Add flour and combine further.

2. Pan fried with corn oil.

Note: pan fried it thinly so it hv a crispy crust, u may use other oil, however i tested corn oil is better to bring out more flavour for this food. Must sieved e flour so there is no clump and easier to combine. U shld hv a gluey consistency so u can spread it to make it a thin crust. If too thick, slowly add water to get e consistency needed.

I always pan fried one sml piece first for tasting and add more marinate if needed.