Dorayaki by Nancy Tay

How to make anko (sweet azuki beans paste, japanese red beans):

Dorayaki Recipe
(If batter is too runny, then the dorayaki will be thin and not thick and puffy.
Final batter has to be a little thick but pourable.)

Ingredients (Makes about 9 sets)
Eggs 2
Sugar 40g

Honey 1 tbs
Grapeseed oil 1 tbs
Mirin 1 tbs
Water 2 tbs (depends on size of eggs used, may use less than 2tbs)

Cake flour 100g
Baking soda ½ tsp

Anko (for fillings) about 100g – 150g

1. Using balloon whisk, beat egg & sugar till pale yellow but still runny.
2. Add in honey, oil & mirin and whisk till well combine.
3. Sieve the dry ingredients.
4. Add in ½ of the dry ingredients and whisk well with balloon whisk.
5. Whisk in the remaining dry ingredients. Batter should be vey thick.
6. Add water 5ml at a time and WHISK manually till smooth, pourable but not runny.
7. Set the batter aside and rest for 20min at room temperature if weather is cool, in the fridge if weather is hot.
8. Heat up a skillet. Add oil pan and wipe off excess oil. Using medium low heat.
9. Using the 15ml measuring spoon, pour the batter in a continuous movement about 15-20cm above the skillet.
10. **When some bubbles appear on the surface (not burst yet), gingerly slip the spatula under and dorayaki and flip it over.
11. About 10sec later, transfer dorayaki from pan to the tea towel. Cover with tea towel.
12. When cooled, sandwich with prepared anko.

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