Pandan kaya sugar roll by Jensie Tan

Here is the recipe for Kaya

10 egg (big egg I put 9)
300 Sugar
430ml coconut milk
100ml pandan juice
A few drop Green colouring (I never put )

Mix egg n sugar tgt till sugar dissolves , add in coconut milk , pandan juice , stir till well mix , strain mixture in the small pot
Do like the double - boiler , place the small pot into the big pot , pour 5 cup water into the large pot , boil it , stirring continuously till lays become think n sticky

For the Swiss roll
4 eggs
107g caster sugar
107 plain flour ( I use top flour )
20g think pandan juice
10g sponge gel
90g butter (melted)

Mix all the batter ingredient( except butter)in the mixer , mix until the batter turn white
Add in the butter n mix well
Pour into the tray n bake 180c for 18 min to 20 min

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