Nasi Lemak chili by JJ Lily Ooh

30 pcs of dried chili (soaked in hot water till soft, removed seeds)
7 garlics
10 shallots
1 big onion (Sliced)
2 tbsp dried shrimps (soaked in hot water till soft)
Water (i used about 1/2 cups)
1 roll of gula maleka (abt 1.5 " height) or white sugar (3-4 tbsp)
Salt to taste
1 handful ikan bilis (wash and drained)

Blend dried chilis, dried shrimps, garlic and shallots (with little water) till fine paste. Heat wok with oil, deep fry ikan bilis till golden brown. Remove and set a side.Same wok add in onion and blended chili paste into remaining oil, stir fried till fragrant (abt 5-8 mins). Add in gula Melaka, continue to stir over low heat for 15mins. Cook till half way, add in water and continue to cook till paste become thick. Lastly, add in ikan bilis stir well for abt 2-3 mins, add salt to taste and dish out.