Chilli Sauces by Jensie Tan

1) Indonesia Peanut Sauce 

250 peanut butter
250ml hot water
5 garlic crushed to paste
3 small chilli chopped fine
2tbsp fresh ginger chopped
2tbs brown sugar
30ml soy sauce
Mix all together

2) Indonesia Belachan 

6 big chilli n 4 small chilli
6 garlic 4 shallot cut half
2tbs Balachan fry or tost
1tsp sugar
1tbsp gulamalaka
1 big Tomato cut
Lime juice

Fry Big in chilli , garluc ,shallot n tomato untill soft add in balachan n off the fire add in gulamaka n melt
Take out n blend it
Add in lime juice /soy sauce a bit

3) Chinese Teochew Sauce 
2tbsp viniger
4 big chilli chopp
3 small chilli chopp
4 garlic chopp
1tbs sugar
1tbs light suace
Mix together

4) Japan Sauce 
Half Japan deep roasted sesame dressing (in bottle )
3 tbsp suki suace
1 tsp spring onion chopp
1 coriader leaf chopp
1 tbsp sesame oil
1 tsp sesame seed fry or tost
1 tsb fry peanut bland
Mix together

5) Dry Chilli Sauce 
6 Garlic chop very fine
30 g dry chilli soak n cut n blend
1tbsp coriander leaf chop fine
One tsp Salt
One tsp sugar
1tbsp sesame seed
Fry the chilli with oil n fry until the oil come out,add in salt sugar off the fire .
Scoop out n add in the coriander and sesame seed