Salmon meatball porridge by Xiujuan Peh

1. Put soya beans and ikan bilis in a stock bag before putting in a pot of boiling water. Add celery and wongbok. (I wanted to clear my veg. U can use other veg u have.) Let it boil for 20 mins. (U can use other stocks if u like.)
2. Remove the stock bag and veg leaving the stock in the pot. Add in chopped veg and uncooked rice.
3. Prepare meat balls by seasoning minced meat with sesame oil, soya sauce and pepper. Roll them into balls and add in when it's starting to look like porridge. Add in the wolfberries too.
4. Put salt on the salmon slices and wash before use. I added a bit of cornstarch to the salmon. When the porridge has reached the consistency u like, put in the salmon. Don't cook for too long cuz salmon slices cook very fast.
5. Turn off the flame. Sprinkle chopped spring onions and add a dash of sesame oil if you like.

I love gingers but not my husband and son so I prepare ginger strips separately and add in to my bowl.