Spiky yam balls by Lena Lai

Shred yam (use a grater, do not do manually as it will be too hard) n mix in a little five spice powder. I use a medium size yam.

Mix fish paste n prawns chunks 2:1 ratio, add a little of salt, pepper, sesame oil, finely chopped carrot n spring onion.

Add in the yam into the paste n mix. add some corn flour to get a sticky mixture. I prefer to have more yam, so I just add in the mixture paste till the yam can stick together for frying purposes. To get spiky shape, just pick a lump, mould a little with the tips of ur fingers, as long as they stick together, put into hot boiling oil n deep fry till golden brown. Do not mould the surface till too smooth as it will affect the crunchiness. unless u prefer to have more yam mouth feel, then mould it till I get a ball shape. Serve hot.