Nutty Snack by Eileen Heng

100g florentine powder
100g almond slice
50g pumpkin seed
20g black seasame seed

Preheat oven at 180C and bake all the almond slice n pumpkin seeds for 5min n let it cool

In a bowl mix florentine powder all the nuts n seeds together

Pour into a baking tray 9 x 10 with baking paper n spread till thin layer

Bake at 180C.for 5mins n 160C for another 3mins (baking time n temp may vary on different oven)

Once out from oven take the baking paper out from tray it on a flat surface. Use the back of a baking pan quickly flatten the nuts biscuit n cut into desired size before it harden.

Let it cool for 15-20mins before u can go NUTS

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