Airfried Pork Floss Mini Spring Rolls by Yvonne Tay

Frozen spring roll skin (medium size)
Pork/chicken floss
Beaten egg for egg wash (to seal the edges)
Oil/Butter spray (I used butter spray)

-Cut whole stack / partial of spring roll skin into 4 squares.
-Put 1 teaspoon of pork/chicken floss at centre of skin.
-Fold in 2 sides, roll up tightly & seal edges with egg wash.
-Spray some oil/butter on the mini spring rolls & toss well.
-Preheat your airfryer @ 180" 3mins.
-AF @ 180" 6-8 mins. (To your desired colour)
-Shake /Toss every 2mins to AF evenly.
-Keep in airtight container once completely cool.

PS: You may AF your spring rolls below the wire mesh holder to prevent flying up to heating element.