Golden Jubilee Tofu by Jensie Tan


1. Tofu 120g
2. Egg yolks 145 g
3. Fine granulated sugar 80g
4. Soya bean milk 135g
4. Whipping cream 120g
5. Gelatin 6g
6. Rum 4g

Sauce for surface 

7. Water 250g
8. Apricot glaze 50g
9. Fruits 250g
10.gelatin 14g 


1. Grind bean curd using a sieve and add egg yolks to mix together. (Mixture A)
2. Boil fine granulated sugar, soya bean milk and whipping cream and add it the mixture A.
3. Dissolve gelatin in water and pour to the mixture A above.
4. Add whipping cream follow by rum slowly into the mixture A above.
5. Pour the mixture A into cups.
6. Boil water, fine granulated sugar and apricot glaze until it started to evaporate. (Mixture 😎
7. Dissolve gelatin in water and pour to mixture B.
8. Pour the mixture B onto Mixture A in cups and top with fruits decoration.