Stuffed tofu by Siew Boon Teo


250g fish/prawn minced meat
100g minced pork
2 tbsp carrot dices or waterchestnut dice
1 stalk spring onion chopped
22-24 taupok (depends on how much u stuffed, last few alw become skinner)
1tbsp cornstarch
1 tbsp light soya sauce(depends on yr taste)
some pepper


1. mix fish meat with minced meat, light soya sauce, pepper and cornstarch
2. add carrots/waterchestnut and spring onions and mix well
3. slid a horizontal hole on each taupok and stuff filling..
4. deep fry or shallow fry till crispy and golden brown..cooks quite fast..

I also tried before using 5-spice powder..ingredients of ngor hiang and seasoned like ngor hiang..also taste good..enjoy!!