Soft White Bread (5C starter dough) by Teresa Lim

5C liquid dough
300g bread flour
300g water
1g (1/3tsp) yeast

Bread dough
100g 5C liquid dough
280g bread flour
2tbsp sugar
1tbsp milk powder
1tsp salt
10g unsalted butter
190g cold fresh milk
1tsp yeast (put in dispenser)

5C liquid dough
Put all ingredients into a large tupperware. Mix well till incorporated using a spatula. Cover with lid. Leave in room temperature to proof for 1hr.

Place into fridge and let it proof for 18hrs. By then it should double in size.

Bread dough
Place ingredients into pan in the sequence in the recipe.
Select Rapid mode, menu 2, light crust

5C liquid dough can be kept for about 1 week in the fridge.