Mini honey milk buns by Fc Ng

(Make about 16minis)

Milk(room temp) 125g
Beaten eggs 35g
Honey 55g(I used wild flower honey)
Salt 2.5g
Bread flour 200g
Cake flour 50g
Instant dry yeast 3g
Unsalted butter 30g

★Place all the ingredients into a mixer or bread maker(add in butter only when dough is formed )Knead till window pane stage & proof the dough for about 45min or double in size.
★Then punch dwn & flatten the dough to remove gas, devide into 15-16portions(30g each) shape it round, cover with clingwrap or cloth to rest for about 10min.
★After 10min, shape the dough round again or wrap with yr preferered fillings then place on baking sheet to proof for about 45min or double in size, eggwash.
★Bake in preheated oven at 170ÂșC for about 20min till golden brown, remove fr oven and lightly brush w melted butter,Cool the buns on rack and store in an airtight container.

Ps: pls adjust temp according to yr oven characteristic.
I didn't use hand flour to do shaping, lightly oil yr hand with olive oil or butter if dough is sticky to handle.
Any stage of proofing should cover the dough with cloth or bigger container to prevent moisture lost fr dough.
Final proof recommended to do it in the oven or microwave with a glass of hot water.