Big Crab Beehoon by Jensie Tan

A)) for the soup base I use
1) 1 dried sole fish ( toasted crispy n pound into powdery )
2) 4picese blue ginger
3) ginger one small pice
4) 5 garlic with skin
5) fish sauce
7) chicken bone
8) Pepper

B)) 4 srilankan or mud crab middle ( cleaned n cut bony 4 to 6 pieces )
A small bunch of chye sim
2tbs of hua tiao or brandy
Fish suace
Salt n
5 slices old ginger
4 cloves garlic bashed
Bee hoon about 1 pkt ( soak in water for soft , take out )

1) Put abit oil fry ginger , garlic n put everything water about 4 cup ,to boil for one to two hour .. Discard the ingredient left it aside

2) add old to heated wok n fry the ginger till fragrant n put in the garlic n fry till they turn light golden brown

3) add in crab piece n drizzle 2 tbs of hua tiao around the wok , let it boil a while n stir a few time over the high heat with some fish sauce cover the crab for about 5 min off the fire

4) heat claypot or non stick pan on n pour the A base soup n boil n put in the bee hoon into the soup follow by the crab sit on top of the bee hoon

5) cover the pot n just use big fire to boil it for 5 min add in the veg n pepper , fish sauce or light sauce to taste boil until the soup left abit n the carb cooked ..

6) turn off the fire n top with garnishing , serve immediately . Enjoy

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