Crabby Shrooms Spaghetti by Jensie Tan


1. Red chilli
2. Garlic
3. Ginger
4. Chilli powder
4. Sea Salt
5. Sugar
6. Water
7. Crab
8. Spaghetti
9. Cheese
10. Mushrooms
11. Culinary herbs


1. Wash the crab and open up accordingly.
2. Put the crab legs into a bowl of water and heat up in the oven.
3. Blend red chilli with garlic and ginger until soft.
4. Remove the crab frm oven and pour the essence into the fry chilli mixture. Slowly add in chilli powder, sea salt and sugar also.
5. Put in the crab cover and crab gong to continue frying. (Note: Do not stir or else the crab cover will broke into pieces)
6. Once the chilli crab is cooked, set aside.
7. Boil water, add a few drops of oil into the water. Follow by spagetthi to cook for 5-10mins.
8. Pour the spagetthi water away.
9. Mix spagetthi with culinary herbs.
10. Sprinkle cheese and mushrooms on the plate and put into oven to melt the cheese.
11. Remove the plate from the oven. Twist the spagetthi and set on plates with crab meat and chilli sauce over it.