Crab in da Bag by Elgin Joshua How

1/2 slab butter
10-20 garlic chopped

Spices (make double portion into 2 bowls. Below is recipe for one bowl)
4 teaspoon Cajun spice
2 teaspoon Cayenne Pepper
2 teaspoon Paprika
2 teaspoon old bay spice
2 teaspoon of garlic salt
4-5 bay leaves crushed

You may reduce cayenne pepper and Paprika (1 tbsp) if don't like spicy
2-3 squids, cut into rings and big pieces. Approx each squid to 3 pieces.

1-2 Sri Lanka crabs (try to find 900-1.2kg per crab). Kill only when about to cook. Remember to clean thoroughly. Should have 6 pieces per crab. 2 pincers, 4 body parts. Use hammer to lightly crack pincer shells

3-4 crayfish (optional)
White / Brown swiss mushroom
500g Prawns
2-4 pieces of White dory fish
500g Mussels (buy frozen ones from nz or Chile)
500g Clams
2-3 Corn, cut into threes
5-6 Potatoes
3 Pork bratwurst, cut into threes

Boil corn in a pot of water and remove when cook.
Add one bowl spice into same pot of water for crab boil
Boil potatoes for 45 mins. While boiling, u may do the below together with the potatoes :
Cook clams and mussels in boil, then set aside
Cook crab (half cook) in boil then set aside
Cook fish in boil, then set aside

Get a wok, and melt butter.
Fry garlic
Add in spices (2nd bowl)
Fry sotong and hotdog
Add half litre of fresh milk
Wait till boil, then add crab till almost red
Add mushroom
Re add potatoes, fish and corn and add raw prawns. Don't overcook prawns. Normally about 2-3 mins is done
Cover wok.

Serve on table.