Prawn Fritters by Nancy Kee

The batter mix recipe is here:
1) MIX - 1/2 rice bowl plain flour, 3 tbsp rice flour, 1tsp baking powder, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp sugar, pinch of pepper
2) Add in 1tbsp of oil ( heated from frying pan & give it a quick stir)
3) Add in sufficient water to bind the flour mixture to the right consistency.

TIP 1 use a whisk to mix flour mixture, it's more evenly mixed
TIP 2 add in water a little at a time, stir to incorporate mixture
TIP 3batter mix is ready when it can coat a spoon & hold it there, mixture too thick then prawn not nice coz taste like breaded prawn
Must be light & crispy (松脆松脆)then it'll be very tasty

Remember if mixture too thick, u can add in a bit more water to thin it but if batter is too thin, then it's difficult to rescue anymore

PRAWNS - remove head & shell, keep the tail
- marinate with pinch of salt & pepper. Set aside

OIL- not too much, don't waste, just enough to cover one side of the prawns will do
- not too hot or smoky, batter mix will be burnt b4 prawns are cooked
- fry on medium fire, as you fry the whole hse is enveloped with the prawn aroma, hmmmm

FRYING - hold the tip of a prawn, dip into batter mix till well coated, drop into heated oil, repeat procedure.

TIP4 do not overcrowd the frying pan with prawns, fry in batches. However, they are easily cooked so it's rather fast to cook this dish. Prawns are still crispy when cooled, but most of the time they are "hooked" da da super fast kekeke

Serve warm with mayonnaise top with black sesame or wasabi mayo...awww

If you follow my tips closely, you'll definitely succeed on 1st try. Cheers!

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