Braised Duck by Magdalene Teo

1. Duck 1.5-2kg
2. Dark soya sauce (thick version)
3. Light soya sauce
4. Brown sugar
5. Star anise 4pcs
6. Cinnamon stick 2 pcs
7. Blue ginger or yellow ginger - 4 thick slice (1cm thickness)
8. Garlic - 10 cloves
11. Five spice powder (medical hall ones are better)
12. Brown sugar or rock sugar
13. Corn starch (corn flour & water mix)

Can add the following if U want

1. Hard boiled eggs
2. Beancurd 豆干
3. Tao Po

1. Clean duck thoroughly, scald it with hot water to take out the wax.
Throw away water after use

2. Prepare a wok of boiling water, add in dark soya sauce, light soya sauce, star anise, cinnamon stick, ginger, garlic, sugar & five spice powder

3. Add in the duck, start braising

4. Whole duck for just nice texture, braised for abt 2 hours.. If U prefer softer, another 15-30mins will do.. If not too soft

5. Dark soya sauce n light soya sauce I usually adds base on gut feel.. If U like salter, can add more

6. Turn the duck for even cooking n colour, abt 10mins turn one time. Take Note of the fire too, don't on too high.. If not burn

7. Water will get lesser slowly braised till it get good taste

8. Once duck done, take out n cool it before chop (usually I eat after 1-2 hours of cooking)

9. The braised sauce usually will be thick n salty, add in some water n corn starch mixture (corn starch make the braised taste better)

10. Add in 豆干,dao po & hard boiled eggs braised n leave inside for a while than eat.. (I usually put 1-2 hours before consume)

11. Braised sauce taste better if U keep longer hours. Overnight braised taste the best

1. to achieve my duck color, I put more dark soya sauce.

2. For good taste, do not sting on the sauce & sugar .. Put bit by bit until U get the right taste you like.