Teochew lorh ark ( Teochew Braised Duck) by Nancy Kee

1) 1 duck, no head, rub with coarse salt & rinse thoroughly, scald with boiling water, remove any visible feather/hair/ wax, rinse again & pat dry, finally rub with seasoning & stuff 4 thick slices of galangal,1 cinnamon stick & 2 pcs of star anise inside its cavity.
2) 10 slices of thick slices of galangal ( inclusive of the above)
3) 2cinnamon stick & 6-8 pcs of star anise ( inclusive of the above)
4) 80-100ml of thick dark soya sauce ( good quality)
5) 2 tbsp of sugar
6) 1200ml-1500ml of boiling water
Seasoning rub: 1 tbsp of salt, 1 tbsp of 5-spice powder
1) Heat wok, add sugar, when sugar melts, pour in the dark sauce
2) Caramel duck on low fire, abt 2 min per side, ensure the whole duck is well coated
3) Add in the boiling water, enough to submerge 3/4 duck, increase fire
4) Add in galangal slices, cinnamon stick & star anise.
5) Reduce to low fire when water boils
6) Simmer for 45 min, turn duck over & simmer for another 30 min. You may taste the sauce now, add more salt if required.
7) Lift duck & drain excess sauce, lay duck on a plate. Chop duck when cooled.
8) In another pot, put in hard boiled eggs & tou gua. Pour the lorh into the pot & return to a boil to cook the ingredients. Off fire & let them steep for min 4 hours.