Chashu and Tamago Miso Ramen by Tan Connie

3 cold large eggs
2 tbspn jap soy sauce
2 tbspn huatiowjiu
6 tbspn boiled water
2 tspn brown sugar

1. Bring a pot of water to boil.
2. When it starts to boil, lower the cold eggs with a sieve ladle very carefully into the boiling water. You may scoop some water onto the cold eggs first bef immersing. This helps it to integrate into the boiling water better.
3. Once immersed, time it 7 mins.
4. Remove the eggs from pot and gently transfer to a cold/ice cubes bath in a bigger bowl. Let it sit for 3mins covered with ice.
4. After 3mins, remove and cracked the eggs all over. Start to peel very very gently as it is still wobbly.
5. After peeling clean, immerse this eggs into a ziplock bag mixed with above seasoning.
6. Marinate a few hours or overnite in fridge, till ready for use.

Note: I hv attempted both cold n room temp eggs with same timings. The cold eggs yield a more runny texture when cut. Pls take note.

1 block of pork belly(i use instead 五 花 肉 with some fatty parts)
1 tsp salt
Some sliced ginger
Some scallions/green onions (cut in sections)
Some oil

2/3 cup water1/3 cup huatiowjiu/sake
1/3 cup jap soy sauce
3 tbspn brown sugar

1. Rinse the meat n pat dry. Rub some salt on the meat.
2. Heat some oil in skillet/ss pot over high heat n brown the fat side first, then flip over to brown the other side.
3. After browning for abt 10mins, transfer this meat into a small slow cooker. Place green onions n ginger on the base of pot with meat on top.
4. Pour the mixed seasonings over the pc of meat. Let it slow cook n braise for abt an hr.
5. Intermittently, rotate the meat every 15mins to ensure all sides r infused with the seasonings.
6. After one hr, transfer the pc of meat back to the skillet/ss pot with all the seasonings.
7. Use a silicone tong n start to caramelize the meat all over. Do it till the liquid almost dry up n same time ensuring the meat do not get burnt.
8. Leave the meat to cool before slicing thin or your desired thickness.
9. You may use a blowtorch to brown the top bef serving but is a optional step.

1. I hv chosen to use a slow cooker to slowly infuse n lock in the flavour of the meat but it does not caramelize it. This has to be continued in a ss pot to caramelize till all the bal liquid are used up.
2. Do estimate the amount of seasonings based on the size of pork used too.

Recipe for miso broth------------------------

Pork bones
Garlic cloves

A heaped spoonful of minced ginger/shallots/garlics
1 tbspn sesame seeds
Sesame oil
3 tbspn miso paste
1 tbspn brown sugar
1 tbspn sake/huatiowjiu
4 cups(abt 1litre) pork bones stock/broth
Salt/pepper to taste
A small pc of chicken cube

Some scallions/green onions
Sheets of roasted seaweed

1. Blanch the pork bones until clean. Boil it in a big pot of water with some garlic cloves.
2. Sieve out the scum while boiling.
3. Leave to cool aside once boiled.

4. In another pot, saute the minced ingredients till fragrant.
5. Add the miso paste n fry evenly. Add the sesame seeds with the rest of seasoning to taste except sugar.
6. Once even, add a cup of sieved pork bone stock. Let it simmer slightly. You may add sugar n chicken cube now to balance the taste. Then add more pork bone stock. Bring to a boil.
7. Off heat, serve when fresh ramen noodles r ready.
8. Serve hot n top with some chashu, tamago eggs. Garnish with some chopped scallions n roasted seaweed.