Seaweed Minced Pork Tofu Soup by Lily Tan

(serves 4)


- 3-4 pcs of dried round seaweed (cut or tear into small bite size)
- 150g Minced Pork
- 1 box Tofu (cut into small cubes)
- Chicken Stock (pkt or cube)
- Salt, Pepper, Sesame Oil
- Spring Onions (chopped)


- Light Soy Sauce, Sugar, Pepper, Sesame Oil, Corn Flour


1. Marinate minced pork (slightly tastier) for 30mins or longer. When ready for cook, add 3-4 tbsp of water and mix well to get a "soft and runny" mixture.

2. Bring a small pot of water to boil; pour minced pork in and stir quickly with a pair of chopsticks to loosen up the pork. Then add tofu and dried seaweed. Add chicken stock and season it with salt to taste. Lastly, drizzle some sesame oil to enhance its flavour and aroma.

3. Serve soup hot with pepper and spring onions. Enjoy!