Crispy Black Pepper Salmon by Alice Yap

咖喱鱼蛋 by Angelin Goh

Salmon Prata Calzone with Spinach & Cream Cheese by Margaret Goh‎

Airfried Golden Potato Tuna Balls by Jas Feng

Salmon rice frittata by Wai Sum‎

Steamed Fish with Otak Sauce by Alice Yap

Crispy Salmon Croquettes with Cheese by Chan Kar Mun‎

Fried Pomfrets in Chilli Garlic Sweet & Sour Sauce by Karen Ng

Crispy Salmon by Christine Tan NonyaKueh

Assam Red Snapper with homemade rempah by Linda Lau

Crispy Bean Over Steamed Fish (豆酥鱼) by Michelle Heng

Hee Pio Soup / Fish Maw Soup by Alan Goh

Chinese Fish Soup by Jean Yeow

Spicy fish in parchment paper by Goh NgaiLeng

Salted Baked Seabass by Alvin Jessica Ling

Fish paste with egg tofu by Zann Teo

Cantonese Style Steamed Fish by Lena Lai

Pan Seared Sea Bream (locally known as An Ko Li) by Florence Neo

Red Snapper Fish Head Curry by Florence Neo

Fish With Thai Style Sauce by Janice Looi