Baked Chicken Pie using Roti Prata Skin by Hou Lifen

I made 20 chicken pies:
1 carrot dice and boil till soft.
1 onion dice.
1 box of brown button mushroom dice.
6 pcs of chicken drum sticks dice n marinate with salt n black pepper.
1 can of chicken Campbell soup.
Some Mozzarella cheese
1 pack of 20pcs roti prata
Stir fried onion till fragance, add in mushroom n chicken till cooked.
Stir in the boiled carrot with it's water n chicken Campbell soup.
Bring the ingredients to boil, if its too watery then add it some corn starch.
Leave the ingredients to cool down.
Press the roti prata pastry into the aluminium containers, filled with the cooked ingredients, then some mozzarella cheese n cover with a layer of roti prata.
Bush with egg wash n bake at 200Âșc for 25min.
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