Parmasen Crusted Poached Egg on Toast by Michelle Heng‎

Steamed Egg by Angel Teo

Quail eggs sambal by AyuIs Myiesha

Seaweed egg rolls by Healing Manna

Orh Luak by Fan KT

Steamed Egg by Angel Teo

Korean eggy squid ring pancake by Rontree Chan

Salted egg pasta by Dawn Lee

Baked Egg Cake aka 烤鸡蛋糕 by Janice Looi

Steamed egg with tofu & scallop by Michelle Heng

Home made egg tofu by Yvonne Cheong

Wild Honey Tunisian by Cassandra Poh

Tomato Rice Omelette by Esther Tho

Pumpkin Omelette by Esther Tho

Cooked salted egg with pumpkin by Lee Soon Keen

Char kuey tiow by Shen Cui Ling

Leftover Rice Pancake by Kelly Ng

Salted egg fry with pepper and Cajun spices pork slices by Angelin Goh

Egg Benedict by Michael Lee

Scallops in Egg White by Michelle Heng