Orh Luak by Fan KT

Adapted recipe:
(Batter mix ) ingredients set A:
10tablespoons of oyster juice (the water that comes along with the oyster) OR water (ard 150ml)
4tbs of tapioca starch
1tbs of rice flour
1/2tsp of sesame oil
1tsp of fish sauce
1tsp of light soy sauce or pinch of Salt

Ingredients set B:
Handful of Oysters - fresh/canned/frozen. (I used thawed frozen oysters)
4 eggs
Cooking oil
1-2 sprigs of Spring onions - chop white and green portions separately
Fish sauce

(Chili) Ingredients set C:
1-2 tsp Sambal or belachan chili
Juice of 2 small lime
5-10ml Water

1. Mix all ingredients of set A together and set aside as batter.

2. Beat 4 eggs till frothy. Add a dash of fish sauce. Set aside.

3. Using high fire, heat up pan with oil. After oil is hot enough, add chopped white spring onions and fry till fragrant. (You may omit this part of spring onion if some family member do not like it).

4. Still using high fire, add in half the batter mix over pan. It will form a thin layer. Wait till it is crispy then add in beaten eggs.

5. Wait till eggs are set then flip over. Use spatula to split the omelette into smaller parts.

6. Add in more oil. add in remaining batter over the omelette. Once batter thickens n is gooey, switch off fire.

7. Add in oysters and cook with residual heat. This will result in partially cooked oysters that are still big and succulent. If you wish to fully cook oysters, do no switch off fire in previous step.

8. Garnish with sprinkle of white pepper and serve along with ingredient set C mixed together for the chili dip. You may use coriander to garnish too, but I omitted as family member dislikes.

Adapted from SHC member Mary Thian and http://carryitlikeharry.tumblr.com/post/15368875338/oyster-omelette