Steamed Egg by Angel Teo

I used 3 eggs here , beaten in a measuring cup with chopsticks. Added a sprinkle of salt. The egg mixture was about 200ml, hence i topped up with lukewarm boiled water to 550ml. (Normally i use 1part egg, 2 parts water). Next, i seive the mixure into the bowl ready for steaming. I do it gently to prevent bubbles and also try to remove surface bubbles with a fork. I used cling wrap (it says its safe for microwave use) to cover the bowl.

Next when the water boils, i put the bowl of egg to steam for 9mins before poking with w chopsticks to check. Mine took 11 mins , when i poke i see the egg is like abit jelly and cooked liao, i immediately removed. Serve with some soy sauce! It's super nice! 

Avoid overboiling , make sure water doesn't touch the bowl bottom. Avoid overcooking, it may cause the egg to be hard. Mine texture is like tau huey.