Steamed Egg by Angel Teo

1. Beat eggs (i used 3 small) till evenly mixed. I beat in a measuring cup using chopsticks.
2. Add alittle bit of salt. Mix well.
3. Add warm water in the ratio of 1 part egg : 2 part water. (I had 150ml of egg, so i added 300ml of water topping it up to 450ml marking)
4. Stir gently and pour through a seive into a bowl. Try not to create bubbles. Remove bubbles gently.
5. Cover it with a plate. (I used heat proof clingwrap)
6. Place onto steaming rack with water already boiling, cover and steam for 10-15mins. I checked at 10mins with a chopsticks poked in the middle to see if it is still in liquid form. Mine took 13 mins on medium heat.
7. Remove immediately to prevent over cooking.
8. Eat with soy sauce topped on it and with rice.
(Please do not let the steaming water touch the bowl. It will boil the egg mixture, creating bubbles)