Korean eggy squid ring pancake by Rontree Chan

Cut~ 1/4 of red and yellow bell pepper to strips. Cut a bunch of green onion to same length. Cut 1/2 white onion to strips.
Blanch some calamari in hot salt water for 1 min, remove set aside.
Beats 4 eggs with 3 tbsp of water + 2 tbsp flour + 3 tsp concentrated chicken stock ( Maggie or woh hup) + pepper.
Sauté, onion, green onion, red and yellow pepper. Pour in egg mixture. Till bottom is cooked but not burn. Lay the calamari rings with some more green onion on the top surface.
Flip over the egg carefully, to cook the top side. Or u can slide out the egg to a tray and bake in oven using upper heat for 15-20mins till the egg is cooked.