Steamed Cod Fish in D.O.M by Rachel Leong‎

XO Fried fish Soup topped with Egg Floss by Terese Teo

Homemade Fishballs by Lena Lai

Airfried Cereal Crusted Codfish by Michelle Heng

Baked salmon with mashed potato topped with cheese by Cat Yo

Organic Pesto Genovese Spaghetti with Baked Salmon by Jeannie Lee

Steamed Thread Fin with Spinach by Helga Soo

Lemon Steamed Fish by Jass Kwong

Black bean paste fried with fish head & bittergourd by Janice Looi‎

Black Promfret with garlic and chillies by Peggy Siow

Cabbage rolls by Cassandra Chee

Stuffed tofu by Siew Boon Teo

Pan-fried Pringles Fish by Shuzhi Xu

Garoupa with ChuHou paste by Christine Tan‎

BBQ Stingray by Angie Charlie Lim

Sweet and Sour Fish by Rontree Chan

Claypot Fish with Prawns by Esther Tho

Smoked Salmon by Vanessa Tay

Assam fish by Lena Lai

Fish Porridge by Esther Tho