Black Promfret with garlic and chillies by Peggy Siow


1 pc black promfret 800gm to 1kg
15 cloves of garlic
6 red fresh big chillies + 2 chilli padi (remove seeds)
1 1/2 thsp oyster sauce
1 thsp light soya sauce
1/2 thsp black soya sauce
dash of pepper
1 thsp of white sugar
200ml water
2 thsp cooking oil
a little salt
1/2 cornflour


1) Wash n clean the black promfret, pat dry n rub a little salt n 1/2 thsp cornflour n put aside for abt 5 mins.
2) Heat up the wok n add in 1 thsp oil, when is slightly hot, put in the promfret n fry till both sides golden brown. Dish it up n put aside and prepare the sauce.
3) Chopped coarsely both garlic n chillies.
4) Heat up the wok again, add 1 thsp oil, add in garlic first. Saute the garlic for abt 1 min n add in the chopped chillies... stir till u r able to smell the fragrant of garlic n chilli then add in all the seasonings..n the water.
5) Let it boil for abt 2 mins n finally put the black promfret back to the wok n let the fish simmer in the sauce for another minute and then yr fish is ready... dish it up! Hope u guys will love it!