Lo Mai Gai by Jeannie Lee

Baked Lobster Rice by Helga Soo

Yam rice by Pamela Gordon

Steamed Cantonese Style Glutinous Rice by Judy Cho

Jumbo Prawns Paella by Quequek Yeo

Hong Kong Style Claypot Rice by Kelly Pang

Pulut Hitam (Black Glutinous Rice) by Jeannie Lee‎

Tom Yum Fried Quinoa by Rita Choo‎

Tumeric Chicken with Basmati Pilaf by Lisa Logam Tan

Cabbage mushroom rice by Ally Yeo‎

Baked smoked salmon rice by Geraldine Tan

Hirekatsu Donburi (Fried Pork Loin with Egg Ricebowl) by Miya K Soh

Chicken Rice by Gina Jiayi

Claypot crab rice by Ryan Thian

生炒糯米饭 by 蓝星人

Giam Peng by JJ Lily Ooh

Pearl Balls (珍珠丸子) by Michelle Heng

Salmon Butter Rice by Helga Soo

Rice cooker glutinous rice by Kitty Katherine Goh

Fan Choy by Vivian Tang