Steamed Cantonese Style Glutinous Rice by Judy Cho


Glutinous Rice – 1 Cup soak for at least 2 hours in the fridge, drained off excess water before ready to cook
Braised Peanuts ( I used canned type will do if you like soft)
Or fried peanuts ( prepared and pan fried ahead)
Hae Bee 10gm (Dried shrimps) soaked ahead for 30mins


Sugar ¾ tbsp
Salt 1 tsp
Oyster sauce 1 tbsp
Fish sauce or soya sauce 1 tsp
¾ cup of water to add slowly during frying process
Sesame oil
Mince garlic
1 tbsp of oil for frying


Chopped Spring Onion
Udang Geragau (a bonus thought not necessary, very savory)
White Pepper
Sliced Red Chilli and sambal (optional)


1. Hit up wok and add oil and mince garlic to fry. Add Hae Bee into wok and stir fry
2. Drained your Glutinous Rice and add to wok and fry over medium heat, central heat.
3. Add your seasonings quickly, now gradually add some water and fry continuously . You will notice it dries up quickly and add a little water to keep the glutinous rice cook and turns grainy. Please do not leave it unattended carry on frying for 10mins on medium heat.
4. Once you have used up your water, your white glutinous will look ¾ cooked and still dried and not soggy.
5. Dish up and add some braised peanuts.
6. Transfer to a container or bowl and place in a steamer ready boiling water to steam for a further 5 mins, the steamer will cook quickly to give you a grainy texture still and not soggy.
7. Do not over steamed as your white glutinous rice will turn soggy and wet. Open your lid and check make sure your steamer top lid water won't overly drip into your white glutinous rice.
8. The end results will be cooked and grainy, not soggy.
9. When it's done, remove from your steam and garnished the top with your favorite garnishes.
10. Enjoy like the way it's done at your hawker center.
Note: These days it's very hard to get this dish at the morning hawker centers, not sure if its Teochew or Cantonese, but I believed it well blended within the dialect groups. Usually, I ordered from an old auntie who spoke Cantonese when I ask for Lor Mai Fun with Chee Cheong Fun.
This version is white and not dark mushrooms or peanuts glutinous rice which is usually a central kitchen prepared and supplied to stalls, outsourced word for the day

I am not a food blogger so the recipe is more on experiences and many attempts to perfect a good plate of White hawker style Lor Mai Fun.
Thank you

For the stir fry glutinous rice tips, please watch this YouTube video from HK. I did not adopt her ingredients.