Taiwanese Egglet by Eunice Sng

Prawn with quail eggs by Remz Valde‎

Stir-fry Codfish in Egg-white & Milk (赛螃蟹) by Michelle Heng

Steamed eggs by Anna Tan

Spinach /w Salted & Century Eggs by Zhaoyue Michelle

Salted Egg Prawns by Zhaoyue Michelle

Fried Eggs with Enoki Mushrooms by Valerie Ho

Steamed Trio Eggs / Terrazzo steam egg by Rontree Chan

Bacon, Egg & Toast Cups by Yvonne Cheong

Tea Egg by Wong Lien Eng

三色蛋苋菜 by Jo R Zhu

Moist and Juicy Tomato in Omelette by Goh NgaiLeng

双蛋蚵仔煎 Taiwan Style Oyster Omelette by Veronica Chia

Salted Egg Pork by Vivian Tang

Croque Madame by June Chan

Salted Egg Sauce with Fried Chicken by Ele Ven

Tamago by Kelly Pang

Salted Egg Pork Chop by Sophie Lee

Spicy Lady's Finger by Tan-Kim Liwern

Chawanmushi by Eat Play Cook