'Lor' with pork belly, tau kee, tau pok & egg by Linda Lau

Egg Cloud by Leo Mee Moi

姜丝蛋 Ginger Eggs by Lin Sipei

滑蛋河 by Clarine Lin

Salted Eggs with Spare Ribs by Alice Pang

Silver Fish Omelette by Jo-anne Angel

Steamed Minced Meat Patty over Rice by Michelle Heng

Katsudon by Linda Lau

Polka Dot Noodle Omelette by Wendy Kwan

Tomato Scrambled Eggs 番茄炒蛋 by Lin Sipei

Prawn Omelette by Florence Neo

Quiche by Yit Chieh

Salted Egg Yolk Pumpkin Ball, Celery and Mushroom by Eat Play Cook

Ham & Cheese Egg Rolls by NoobCook Wiffy

Foam Egg by Karen Ngoh

Spinach with 三种蛋 by Magdalene Foo‎