Steamed eggs by Anna Tan

2 eggs
Water - 6 times of halves eggshell/ homemade stock ( you can estimate if you don’t want to use the eggshell for measurement)
Pinch of salt and dash of pepper
1 or 2 little drops of white vinegar ( for silky texture)
Spring onion (Optional)

1. Crack eggs, add water, pinch of salt and a dash of white pepper in a bowl. Whisk the eggs gently and well with the water/stock, create lesser bubbles. Add 1 or 2 drips of vinegar and stir well. Strain the mixture through a sieve to get rid of the bubbles, into a steam-proof dish or 2 chawanmushi cups.
2. Heat up steamer or wok with medium heat, set a metal rack, making sure the metal rack is higher than the water level. Don’t allow water level touching your dish bowl.
3. Approximately 3 to 4 mins or when you see the small little bubbles on the surface or the wok or steamer. Place the egg mixture into the wok/steamer and cover with a plate or aluminium foil. Steam it for 10 to 12 mins till set. If you're not sure, shaking the dish a little, it should be jiggly but firm. ( Steaming time depends on the quantity you are making)
4. To serve, sprinkle spring onions over.

1 tsp or less soy sauce and a pinch of sugar, mix well drizzle on top when its not.
Drizzle of sesame oil/ shallots oil