Spicy Lady's Finger by Tan-Kim Liwern

Ingredients for chili paste
1. 4 pieces of red chilies
2. 5 pieces of chili padi (my husband like spicy so I added more.)

3. 2 pieces of shallots
4. 3 cloves of garlic
5. 1 stalk of lemon grass (but I only use the bottom half)
6. 1 teaspoon of chili powder (optional. I added cause i had leftover)

1. Pounded ingredient 1) to 5) together (or you can use a blender for it too)
2. Add chili powder after pounding, mix the ingredients together. Put in fridge to keep until you want to cook dish.

Lady's Finger dish
1. 7 pieces of lady's finger
2. 6 pieces of tiger prawns - deshelled

3. 1 packet of quail eggs - boiled and deshelled
4. 1 tomato - which I diced
5. Chili paste
6. Canola oil for frying
7. Half teaspoon of sugar
8. Salt to taste

I used a pot to stir fry this dish cause I find tt the pot keep the fragrance of the dish better

1. After adding oil, add chili paste and tomato. Let it simmer.
2. Add my quail eggs and lady's finger n stir fry. Let it simmer ~1min to cook the lady's finger.
3. Finally I add my prawns. (cause I don't want to overcook them). Stir fry
4. Add sugar and salt.

Important to let the dish rest for ~20min before serving to allow the ingredients to blend together.

good luck!