Gingko Barley with Bean curd sheet dessert by Jensie Tan

Snow fungus with pear by Alicia Huang

Sweet Corn Custard Pudding by May Chong

Red ruby by Jennie Grace Eu

Mochi by Joyce Loke

八宝粥 ,eight treasure by Jensie Tan

豆花 / Jelly Beancurd by Jeslin Chua

Teochew Orh Nee (yam paste) by Sally Quek

Fererro Rochers by Song Young

Crème Caramel by Song Young

Soya bean pudding by Joyce Loke

Apple/Pumpkin Brown by Angela Seah Thulin

Muah Chee by Cassandra Chee

Home-made douhua with Goji by Grace Mok

Tiramisu Cake by Shirlyn Lee Siew Ling

Soya beancurd by Dolly Lee

Tau suan by Grace Tan

Creme brulee by Angelin Goh

Jongkong by Meiricia Christina Ng

Detox n cooling dessert by Shen Cui Ling