Snow fungus with pear by Alicia Huang

1 Snow Pear,cut the top off and remove the core

1 teaspoon of powdered chuan bei mu

1 teaspoon of nan xing bei xing(almonds)

1 piece of red dates,seeds removed

5 pieces of wolfberries

1 bud of white fungus, soaked and softened

Water to fill the pear to brim

Water to fill pot(not higher than bowl)

Rock Sugar to taste

Method :
Rinse the almonds, red date, wolfberries. Boil water in a deep pot. Place pear in a bowl. Add all ingredients into pear except rock sugar. Place bowl into the pot.Simmer for 45 minutes.(add rock sugar at the 30th minute.) Serve warm

I followed this recipe for my family:

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