Vanilla cup cake by Serene Ng

Strawberry cupcakes by Jane Lee

Buttercream by Jane Lee

Steamed blueberry cake by Eileen Heng

Steamed cupcakes with orange peels by Jeannie Lee

Turn key lime Greek yoghurt cheese cupcakes without cream cheese by Jane Lee

Durian Hokkaido Cupcakes by Fun Ivy

Milo cupcake with Milo frosting by Teo Choong Eng Cindy

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting by Janice Looi

Vanilla Cupcake by Chin Chin Chan

Steamed Nutella cupcakes by Kayder Tan

Airfried "ice-cream" Cupcakes by Alice Chin

Rich Chocolate Cupcake by Jeslin Chua

"Oil-free" avocado cupcake by Cat Yo

Red Velvet "Brain" cuppies by Esther Tho

Fluffy Bailey Banana Cuppy with chocolate chips toppings by Kelly Ng

Leopard print cup pies by Ajumma Neo

Cupcakes with Chocolate Chips & Peanut Butter Chips by Cheong Mei Ling

Egg Cuppies by Chin Chin Chan

Soft Banana Cupcake by Janice Looi