Durian Hokkaido Cupcakes by Fun Ivy

(Translated version)

A = 80g milk, 60g cornoil, 20g caster sugar, 1 tsp vanilla essence
B = 100g Cake flour
C = 5 egg yolks
D = 5 egg whites, 60g caster sugar

1. Mix A together and cook in pot until hot (no need to be boiling), add in the cake flour and mix well, followed by egg yolks, mix well and set aside.
2. Preheat oven.
3. Whisk egg whites till foamy, add in sugar in 3 additions, continue to whisk till stiff peak.
4. Take 1/3 of the egg whites and mix with the egg yolks batter, pour this mixture back to the balance egg whites, fold well.
5. Scoop batter into paper cups, about 90% full. Bang the tray to level the batter before putting into the oven. When done, open the oven door slightly for the hot air to escape before removing the cupcake and bang a few times to release the hot air. This prevent the cupcake from shrinking.

Baking temperature: 110C – 15 mins, 125C – 15 mins, 140C – 8 mins (adjust according to your own oven)

Filling: 200g durian puree, 150g whipped topping cream

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