Steamed Tofu with Prawn by Lily Tan

(serves 4)

- 2 Tofu Tubes
- 12 Fresh Prawns (medium)
- 100g-120g Minced Pork
- 5-7 Water Chestnut (peel, mince slightly coarse) - optional
- Spring Onions for garnishing (chopped)

- Light Soy Sauce, Sugar, Pepper, Sesame Oil, Corn Flour

- Abalone Sauce (I use FORTUNE 财神 brand)
- Egg White of 1 large egg (or 2 small eggs) (slightly whisk with fork)
- Corn Flour, Salt and Sugar

1. Use scissors to snip off the prawn tail and the segment just before it. Wash, pat dry and set aside. For the remaining part, peel, devein and snip off the head. Wash and pat dry prawn body; cut into small pieces first then mince it.

2. Mix and marinate minced prawn, pork and water chestnut in a bowl. Marinate it for 30 mins or longer.

3. Cut each tube of tofu into 6 slices and arrange them on a big shallow plate suitable for steaming. Scoop a small amount of prawn & pork mixture onto palm and roll it into a ball {wet palm with salt water so that mixture will not stick to palm}.

4. Slightly flatten the ball and stick a prawn tail into it vertically with the telson pointing upwards. Then place it on top of a tofu and repeat step for remaining tofu.

5. Steam the ready tofu in a wok when water is boiled {you may notice some tofu water starts to accumulate in the plate, pour it away before steaming}. Steam for about 7-9 mins or when prawn tails turn red and the mixture is cooked.

6. While steaming, prepare the sauce - mix 3 tbsp abalone sauce with some water and pour it into a small pot. Cook for a few minutes; add more water, abalone sauce, salt and sugar according to your taste.

7. Turn to low heat, pour in egg white slowly and keep stirring to form egg drop (蛋花). Add a little corn flour mixture to thicken the sauce {not thick concentrated, slightly watery is good}.

8. Remove steamed tofu from wok, pour away tofu water if possible. Pour sauce all around the tofu gently. Garnish with spring onions and ready to serve.

{The leftover prawn & pork mixture can be used for shrimp dumpling 水饺, steamed patty with canned pickled lettuce 蒸菜心肉饼 etc.} Enjoy!