Orh Nee by Esther Tho

500g Thai Yam
100g Pumpkin
3-4 tbsp of fine sugar
1 tbsp onion oil
4 tbsp Coconut oil
65ml Kara coconut milk
Pinch of salt to mix in coconut milk

1. Steam Yam & Pumpkin separately till soften.
2. Mash Yam with sugar, onion oil and coconut oil together while hot. (the less oil you add, the thicker paste you have. But it will be dryer)
3. Using plastic wrap, sandwich the mashed yam and roll them with a rolling pin to get a smoother paste. (a tbsp at a time)
4. To serve top with mashed Pumpkin, Ginko nuts and coconut milk.
(We don't eat ginko nuts)
Done and serve!